Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Connect Oracle10g database server from Biztalk Server (installed latest 11g Client)

Problem Statement:
If we installed the latest Oracle 11g client from Oracle site (Oracle technology network) on BizTalk Server.  But the Oracle Database server to which we are trying to connect is Oracle 10g.
In such scenario BizTalk Server (physical machine) throws below kind of error
Few points to remember while installation:
1.       Don’t select Instant client installation
2.       Do custom installation and remember to select .NET libraries and others as required.
3.       Depends upon type of OS (64 or 32) do installation, if 64-bit then install both 64 as well 32 bit on the same home.
I assume you have selected 64 bit installation, in that case under oracle home (whatever folder you have given at the time of installation) two clients folder have been created Client_1 and Client_2.
1.       Go to Client_1 (I assume you installed on C: drive) folder
C:\app\<name_given>\product\version\client_1\odp.net\publisher policy\2.x
Here you can see two policy files
Install Policy.2.111.Oracle.DataAccess.dll into the GAC (using gacutil -i)
It will redirect old version dll calls to new versions.

Run the following command on commandPrompt

OraProvCfg.exe /action:gac /providerpath: C:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\client_1\odp.net\bin\2.x
2.       Repeat the above step for Client_2 also.

Note: Above solution may be specific to my problem , and I concluded it by reading related blogs.